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“The Stupa ring feels less like an adornment and more like compulsory clothing. It’s exquisite. Mapcha never disappoints.”

Shazia Malik, Stupa Ring

“Thrilled to have discovered your store in Majnu ka Tila and to now own these beautiful pieces from your collection.”

Chimi Zangmo, Trin-pa Ring

“Your products are gorgeous, earthy and rooted – just lovely! Especially love my Trin-kar earrings and playing cards a little more!”

Smriti Sachdev, Na-gyen Trinkar

“Thank you Mapcha for understanding my body and aesthetic needs! The struggle to find the right size for my body type ends here! Wonderful dress, love it.” 

Bhumika Mukherjee, Dewa Dress

“A top quality stoneware mug with a touch of artistic flair! The story behind the product made me buy it and now it’s become my go-to during my tea-time rituals!”

Upasna Vishwanath, Blue Flower & Moon | Thangka Art Mug w/ Lid

About The Brand

Mapcha was founded in 2018 with a vision to distil the essence of Himalayan design into products meant for the modern individual. Derived from the Tibetan word for ‘peacock’, Mapcha reinterprets traditional motifs as they move out of their original contexts into a new location. Based in the Tibetan enclave of Majnu ka tila, in New Delhi, we present a window into the life of the mountains through the artistic expressions of those who trace their roots there. Thoughtfully designing and curating our lifestyle and clothing brand, we hope to bring a bit of the mountains to homes everywhere.

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Mapcha Artist Series: Sonam Yeshi

Sonam Yeshi is an artist of mixed Tibetan/American origin based in Dharamsala, India in the Himalayan foothills.She grew up in the Tibetan community, surrounded by skilled artists and craftsmen, including monks who made carefully researched Tibetan dolls, reconstructing traditional ensembles from memory. Sonam’s art prints focus on feminine power on the roof of the world, bringing to light costume and jewelry. She also reinterprets Tibetan fables and folk tales, expressing them in her own colorful and bold visual style.
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