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Mapcha, as a unique design studio, strives to reflect the diverse ensemble of cultures of the Himalayan region.

Like the colours on a canvas, the mountainous landscape is home to an array of cultural convergences, each with its own sense of beauty yet coexisting alongside each other in natural harmony.

We have drawn inspiration for our designs from the rich cultural fabric of the Himalayan belt and its people as well as from our experiences while growing up within the multitude of communities that call it their home. We take inspiration from the rich heritage of the Himalayan communities in an innovative yet mindful manner all while maintaining relevance with respect to today’s global community. We take pride in celebrating a way of life through a contemporary aesthetic that’s neither kitsch nor too traditional.

Himalayan Design Studio

Our studio, based out of Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi strives to create products high in quality that resonate with the visual sensibilities and artistries of the region – reflecting both the ethnic aesthetics of our people and contemporary designs that would align harmoniously with the needs of the modern individual: simple, minimalistic and stylish.

Our clothing line “Upalla for Mapcha”, for instance, takes traditional Himalayan attires and turns them into versatile contemporary silhouettes that can be worn for any occasion, any time of the week.

Working alongside the communities that are our greatest inspiration, we aim to collaborate closely with the cottage industry and those skilled in their traditional craftsmanship, helping them refine their techniques and bringing their modern renditions to the global market.

Through Mapcha, we constantly endeavour to present our patrons a window into the vivid and engaging cultural lifestyle of the Himalayan people and the rich nuances of their legacy.


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A fresh new life to traditional Himalayan wear