MAPCHA, a modern Himalayan concept

Mapcha was founded in 2018 with a vision to distil the essence of Tibetan and Himalayan design into products meant for the modern individual. Derived from the Tibetan word for ‘peacock’, Mapcha reinterprets traditional motifs as they move out of their original contexts into a new location. Our products are created with the belief that these constitute living rather than eternal traditions and can accommodate changing times and the sensibilities of new generations.

The sublime beauty of the mountain landscape coupled with the experience of human communities negotiating everyday life within it has given rise to a distinct visual culture and artisanal practice. These now serve as our own inspiration as we design and collaborate with traditional craftsmen, attempting to bring recognition to their unique skills and design repertoire in a global market.

Based in the Tibetan enclave of Majnu ka tila, in New Delhi, we present a window into the life of the mountains through the artistic expressions of those who trace their roots there. Thoughtfully designing and curating our lifestyle and clothing brand, we hope to bring a bit of the mountains to homes everywhere.

Lhanzey Palden, Co-founder & Creative Director

Born in Ladakh, Lhanzey graduated with an MA in Arts and Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Heavily influenced by her Tibetan and Ladakhi roots, she cultivated a theoretical and anthropological interest in Himalayan visual culture. Following years of research and experience in the field, Lhanzey founded Mapcha to bring her knowledge of Himalayan art and design to a wider audience. A childhood dream of hers, the brand takes inspiration from the rich cultural fabric and multitude of communities that she calls home. Her vision is to turn Mapcha into a one-stop Himalayan heritage brand focusing on a design language that is modern yet rooted, and feature designs, designers and artists from the region.

Tenzin Thardoe, Co-founder

A coffee connoisseur at heart, Tenzin Thardoe is a Tibetan entrepreneur born in Dharamsala aka “Mini Tibet” in India. He is well known in the Himalayan community for his many projects that aim at bringing forward experiences that are propelled from his personal journey, his childhood memories growing up in Mussoorie and later Kathmandu in Nepal. It is his desire to share his culture with the rest of the world, and bring the rawness and calmness of the mountains to the city.